Lessons Learned from School Life

Lessons Learned from School Life, essay writers UK

It was a time where all children were wishing each other best wishes for the future. There was an excitement, tear on every eyes and nervousness for a new chapter of life. Yes, it was time to say goodbye to school life and welcoming the new beginning of college life. Undoubtedly It is the life that all students dream for but leaving everything behind sometimes is very painful. It is more difficult because you have spent 10-12 years of life with them under the same roof, some happy some sad moments. And this is the reason it is said that school life is the golden period of a person’s life.

In school, many of us have learnt the most important lessons of life such as accepting and facing a challenge, helping others, group works and also work with others along the way to achieve the goals you have set together. We have also learnt that there are ups and downs in life, but we have to stay calm and positive. As we know busy roads are difficult to cross but with firmness and unity, we can cross those creatively and without any difficulty.

Learnings from school life

Best peer

Peer groups provide perception outside of the individual’s viewpoints. The student learnt from peer group to develop a healthy association with others in the community system. The best peer we usually find in our school life that can understand our feeling, share the same problem, appreciate each other work, boost each other confidence and give advice and even don’t keep any grudges. If someone needs help with assignment, there is nothing with providing them help. But in case, you don’t have time, you can reach out to essay writers UK to get their assignment completed.

Communication skill

School is the best place to increase confidence and to learn interpersonal skills. It is a place which teaches us how to talk and behave. Communication skill is a vital part of our personality and it is the best learning in school life, where we are in the phase to learn new things and try to use our learning through learning and words.

These skills make a positive impact on your personality and open your mind and help to express your thought and ideas in front of others. For this school provides various platforms like speech, debate and easy competitions to groom your communication skills. 


Valves we have learnt from the school environment and a peer group that is how to behave and act in front of others. These values make the difference between literate and illiterate. School make us appreciate our values and practically applied these values in our daily life. As in school we are having students from different background and having different abilities but school teach us how to live with each other without making anyone self-esteem affected. 

The lesson of life:

The lesson of life basically important skills learned at school, how the student interact with each other? Like if their cultures are different from others it doesn’t matter for example if they are Hindu, Christian and etc. They all are same, they can share their ideas with others no matter their ideas are good or not. This gives a positive impact on a student’s life and they learnt we have to listen and appreciate other ideas. One more lesson we learnt from school life is to Connect and appreciate different culture students due to which it will increase their bonding and also improve their mentality. Students don’t care about the person face, colour whether it’s black or dull but they only focus on their goals to help each other and work together to achieve the main goal of life. We also learn in school to help others in time of difficulties by sharing things or ideas. We also learn discipline from school, it teaches us punctuality, regularity, self-cleanness and self-discipline.

Physical development:

With self-grooming, the school also help us to develop physically by providing various opportunities to participate in indoor and outdoor activities. By participating in these activities, students will be fit physically and mentally. This will also boost their ability to showcase their talent in front of their peer group. As we all know kinesthetic learning is an important part of our education and it is nowadays grow and researcher is doing more work on these learning.

Emotional development

The skills to manage emotions as children grow, they learn to regulate their emotions and feelings in school. They also learn how to show their feeling of other sorrow and happiness. It also helps us how to react to other achievement and how to appreciate others’ achievement. It also gives us the lesson to other students in the time of need and tell us to share ideas and things with others at the time of needs. We also learn to help other students how are having learning difficulties and challenges in their life.

Cognitive development

Students are able to show their attention for a longer period of time in set tasks, so school allow them to think, understand and find reasons to simple problems and make the child a problem solver. A school is a place which starts students their own thought process by providing such platform and competition where a child can show their full ability and compete with other and also help the child to accept reality by using the mind of loose and win.

It’s best saying if you will read, write and learn you will be famous and achieve more so school is the best place for it. It depends on us how much benefit we take from school no matter its private or government school, important is how many children learn from it.

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