Smart ways to improve English writing skills

Smart ways to improve English writing skills - professional essay writer UK

It can be a real challenge to write English with confidence and it could seem like a hard thing to improve. It’s a step by step process to improve English language skills from vocabulary, spelling, grammatical and tenses. In this time however it’s increasingly easy to learn English language. If you want to excel in your work place e.g. if you pursuing professional essay writer UK job or education it is very important that you learn how to write and type English correctly with sound grammar and tenses. Here is small guide to help your get through this:

  • Brush up on basics
  • Read Regularly
  • Practice and ask for feedback each time
  • Don’t shy away from weaknesses infact focus on solving them
  • You can also use apps to help correct you
  • Use new sentences and learn new phrases e.g. conversation starters etc.
  • Whenever you write try to be professional
  • Find someone who wants to improve on similar things
  • Read literature and dissect the lines that really get your attention
  • Edit your work more often
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you want to say.
  • Be responsible and do your own research

On top of this in this new era of technological advancement its easier to just open you phone and look for apps or websites that can help you improve your writing skills. And chances are if you writing skills improve your spoken English will get better indefinitely. So make subtle changes in your everyday life and be a little patient and calm no matter what, don’t be afraid to be corrected when you’re wrong or making a mistake. Take it with honor and learn from it.

Grammarly! Great Writing, Simplified.

Grammarly can help your compose transparent, error free write-up that will make the correct impression. To make sure the tone and the type of message content is valid and correct Grammarly will help you on anything from laptop browser, to android apps to IOS as well. Grammarly now features a keyboard for android that can help avoid and take errors into notice before they are even made.

Grammarly app, keyboard or website can help you check the spellings, tone and type whilst eliminating errors. With Grammarly everyone can be a good writer. With Grammarly you can also check plagiarism as well. And with some premium features you can get alternative paraphrases, vocabulary that fits better and proof reading from a real human promised to make your write-up is of outstanding quality.

Other than that you use small changes in your everyday life to improve your language quality and writing skills with certain app provide you with random facts and words with meanings and real life implication to help you increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Other changes can include using Grammarly keyboards or Google Keyboard for better assistance while typing emails, notes or others etc. Besides this using flash cards is also another very innovative way to grasp knowledge and command over English language.

Try becoming friends with people around the world who are native English speakers over social media websites that’ll help you a lot ask for feedback each time when saying your goodbyes. This can greatly improve your understanding or real life use of English language. Besides this you can also read literature novels starting from easy to hardcore Victorian English level. That will help you gain a wider perspective of on how to communicate your message through text in the most precise ways. Another suggestion is to read a full version of a novel and then a summarized version that’ll help your understand how to summarize your text.

You can try choosing a writer whom you can follow and learn from. Try to imitate the way that writer writes and try pointing out the benefits of that specific writing style and see if it matches your personality and needs. If not, just move on and try out another writer and keep on doing the same until you can find the perfect match. Don’t be afraid to mix a few things from each writer.

Beware of the following 13 don’ts of writing English to help you get started:

  1. Don’t use slangs
  2. Try using full verbs rather than contractions
  3. Avoid common language
  4. Don’t use conversational phrases like well, you see
  5. Don’t mention phrases like “I think”
  6. Avoid using personal pronouns
  7. Know your type of writing
  8. Don’t assume
  9. Don’t repeat yourself
  10. Avoid plagiarizing, shows no respect!
  11. Follow a system, don’t be unpredictable. The reader must follow
  12. Repetitive sentence structures tend to be a huge turn off, avoid it!
  13. Don’t be judgmental but open when discussing a topic, assume the reader is the one you’re writing against him, don’t offend him

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