How to fill in your spare time

How to fill in your spare time

In university there will be times when you don’t have anything to do really besides study and how long before you take a break? It’s better to keep on taking small breaks in between to freshen up your mind. It’s better to find productive habits and hobbies that you can do in your free time.

Find an internship or a part time job

Finding an internship preferably paid or a part time job can be the most reasonable way to killing time in the most productive way. Chances are you’ll earn some kind of money that can help you in school and social life which boosts confidence and morale.

Pick a new hobby

Try picking up a new hobby or a sport. It can help you channel your energy in free time into learning a skill or by doing volunteer work.

Join societies and clubs

You can always join societies and clubs within university or close-by. There are photography, dance, debate, swimming, football clubs and societies that you can join to kill time and interact with new people.

Work on projects

Do some writing e.g. for students looking for can someone write my essay for me or similar. It can help you learn typing and basic communication skills. You can work on blogs, websites or even make a YouTube channel.


Get as much exercise as possible it’s only good for you physically and mentally. It can help boost brain functions and improve mood vastly. Also at times in universities, students lose track of their fitness and end up gaining weight. So exercise!

Learn another language

Is there a language that you have always wanted to speak? Now’s the time to do it. What better opportunity are you looking for this is by far one of the best things students can do in their free time. It can help you increase your knowledge and help you gain confidence. Which can be done by using apps on phones so that you don’t even have to leave your bedroom.

  • Learn to be independent

Living alone is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Living independently will only teach you to be responsible firstly and then on top of that it’ll humble you up when you don’t have a nanny picking clothes up for you or doing your laundry or dishes for you.

  • Learn to cook

It is a very good skill, everyone must know how to cook. And if you know how to cook try and challenge yourself to making 3 or 4 ingredient foods that can allow you to save up on some money. It is very essential that you know how to cook and serve food. By learning how to cook you can control the amount of fat, carbs and proteins in your food. This goes hand in hand with exercise eating right and training right will make you fit.

  • Make most what university offers you

Look around your university chances are there is an event happening. Look around for volunteer work or other competitions and seminars. Be attentive and take a risk, attend each of them and socialize as much as you can. Raise your hands first and then your voice to be confident. There could be a big chance that there is a start-up that you can be a part of.

  • Be brave, start a new business

If not by doing all of the above you can gain experience, knowledge and will power to do more and start a business.

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